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We love connecting the people we work with, whether a client or a vendor. We strive to make long lasting connections to the people around us and to the outstanding vendors that we are given the opportunity work with. For our Community Connections page, we have listed the contacts and even a few website links to the trusted vendors we have had the pleasure of working alongside. Feel free to contact our vendors knowing you will receive the upmost care and service, as well as the Robyn Graham & Associates Team’s personal recommendation. Also, if you would like to be a part of our community connections and would like us the opportunity to work with you in the near future, please send us an email or give us a phone call (Contacts).







PNC General Contractor

    • Pancho Navarro: 559-799-2278

American Pool Care

      • David Sisson: 559-972-8966

Jack and Jeff Transfer

      • Jack and Jeff- 559-303-6590

Clearview Window Cleaning Service

      • Isreal Gutierrez: 559-732-3881


      • Lynne Learned: 559-280-0705

Affordable Roofing

      • Mark Sheibley: 559-651-2541

Piano Instructor

      • Trina Rettig: 559-429-0100

Bayne Pest Control

      • Kevin Bayne: 559-679-9565

Piece of Cake Move – Staging & Move Management

      • Sandi Brouwer: 559-333-8462
      • Gerald Brown: 559-909-0785

Geiger Electric

      • Matt Geiger: 559-967-4034

Pro-Chem Carpet Cleaner

      • Darrell Lashinski: 559-626-1006

Extreme Carpet Cleaning

      • Leon Ploegmakers: 559-730-8803



Robyn I got the card for the gift donation you made to The Children’s Miracle Network. This card has a special place for me that you could not have known. The child that was referenced is a family member of my Best Friend. I spent many days and nights at the grandfather’s home with my fiend and I grew up riding the school bus with his mother. His entire story is a true miracle. I thought you might enjoy hearing this small world story that you have created and to thank you for your kind heart…